Carrie speaks design, sees type, hears copy, pictures data, reads audiences and creates order out of apparent chaos.

Carrie Osgood helps businesses large and small define their distinctive voice and infuse their brand into their creative content strategy and cross-format storytelling.


Called an essential “communications GPS” for her vast vocabulary & eclectic expertise, Carrie inspires and educates her clients so they successfully resonate with target audiences.


Ready to uplevel your business? Explore the many ways Carrie can help you achieve your goals below:



CarrieOnCourse: online education


“Generous and dedicated, Carrie elicits the best from her clients. She has helped me tremendously in so many ways, from providing valuable guidance with my visual and written content to dramatically improving my own screen presence. She is concise and patient, detailed and reassuring, honest and inspiring. Most of all, she is fun to work with. Highly recommended!”


– Annie Lin

New York Life Coaching



“Carrie gave me the run down on what's working and not working in my business. What I love about her is her keen insight, proven techniques, and most of all she is PASSIONATE about what she does. Highly recommend her if you're someone who is looking to gain an edge in your business and stand out. Thanks Carrie!”


– Ariane Hunter

Purposeful Living for Career Conscious Professionals



“Carrie has taught me the importance of building my business from the inside out versus the outside in. Her ability to listen beyond words, recognize what I was feeling and clearly state the solution separates her from the rest!”


– Tamika Griffin

Franchise Owner, MathWizard of Missouri City



“Before I worked with Carrie, I was confused about how to tell my story and present my copy in a way that was easy to read and understand. Carrie helped me organize everything so that my copy looked and felt good, and most importantly that my services would be clear to my potential customers. It saved me tons of time and stress trying to figure out how to best express, edit and design it on my own.”


– Ana Alexandre

Life Coach & Nutritionist at



What other’s privately shared with Carrie immediately after learning from her:


“Thank you so much for your help! I woke up this morning very energized. I will let you know what direction I go in. Woo hoo! I am on fire!”


“Carrie, you are an ocean of skills and wisdom to turn anyone’s life around. Your enthusiasm is contagious and encourages us to pass it on to others around us. Thanks a million”


“Thank you so much for your way of transmitting your wisdom to me and to all of us. You have a beautiful way of doing it; you have a special gift. :)”


“Your storytelling passion is definitely inspiring. I see STORY everywhere now :)”


“Thank you for today’s Website Clinic. Your approach and attention to detail made what could be a daunting topic accessible and personal… Loved the customized tips & strategies for the attendees.”


“I was delighted to join the [event]. Thought you did a great job of leading the group. Everyone felt comfortable to share and offer great suggestions. Story telling is a wonderful skill, thank you for sharing your story and skill.


“Loved your background in storytelling… This experience was really helpful in knowing you're not alone. I feel like I have panics sometimes of what I'm going to say to people when they ask “and what do you do?” I hate that judgy feeling. That's what I was hoping to get out of the event, learning how to tell my story or “pitch” to people. I think I need another 7 minutes on the clock lol. Many thanks!”






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Want to improve & enhance your visual & written creative content?

Learn the essential dos and don’ts: “The 20 Most Massive Mistakes Made in Messaging (& how to fix them!)”


Learn the fundamentals to crafting creative content that converts: “Top Tips to Obtain (+ Retain) Quality Clicks”


Learn how to “Create your own Impactful Infographic
with Adobe Illustrator”


Learn how to strategically craft your creative communications
so you successfully resonate with target audiences:
“Creative Communications: Impact + Attract + Interact”







Virtual Workshop



Intensive Online Program










Achieve clarity with your strategic messaging in this four-part course designed for startups and small businesses:

Crafting Connections

How strategic creative communications define business success

Tools of the Trade

How traditional & alternative methods impact & attract audiences

Identity Essentials

How to stand out from the crowd
and be heard

Master the Mechanics

How to craft quality communications that resonate with target audiences


CarrieOnConnecting: speaking + teaching

Carrie gives talks to entrepreneurs, women’s groups and university students on a wide-range of topics, from the educational to the inspirational.


Her versatility enables her to craft lectures, workshops and talks customized for specific audiences.


Watch Carrie in action:

• Storytelling inspirational talk >> (video excerpts, September 2014 - above)

• Newsletters class >> (video excerpts, October 2014)

Range of other requests:

• Innovative Ways to Create Social Impact – (Colorado Ivy+ Women)

• Master the Art of Branded Content – (Savor the Success)

• Website Clinic for Entrepreneurs – (In Good Company)

• Exploring Intimacy – (Crave Company)

• What is infographic, interactive and data journalism, and why are non-traditional formats so essential to storytelling and communications in the media – (Manhattanville College)

CarrieOnCoaching: customized support


Confused? Insecure? Overwhelmed? Stuck?

Through intensive brainstorming, Carrie will unclog whatever is blocking your creative flow, provide you with a clear plan of attack for your next steps and help you feel empowered with renewed clarity, confidence and direction.

One power session or two back-to-back sessions depending on your challenge



Want committed, undivided attention?

Carrie will devote all of her energy to help you overcome whatever challenges you are facing, from clarifying strategy to collaborating on creative projects.

• Half Day:

• Full Day:

• Two Half Days:





Craving confidence with your ongoing communications?

Through this three-month mentoring package, Carrie will provide guidance, support and expert feedback on the projects you and your team are creating for your business.

• Regularly scheduled calls every two weeks

• Ongoing email support

• Three-month commitment required


per month


Craving clarity and confidence when creating your strategic communications?

Through this consulting package designed for start-ups and businesses in transition, Carrie will help you clarify, organize, manage and implement your communications strategy across all formats and platforms.


She will provide expert guidance and support to give you and your team the confidence needed to create compelling, quality content united by a distinctive voice that effectively reaches target audiences.

• Regularly scheduled calls every two weeks

• Two additional sessions scheduled as needed

• Ongoing email support

• Three-month commitment required


per month

CarrieOnCommunity: meetup + blog

Explore Carrie’s local & virtual community that engages with worldly professionals who thrive when venturing out of conventional boxes: >>


Meetup: Business Connections – Colorado >>

CarrieOnCreative: premier services


Want agency-quality results at a fraction of the cost?

For select businesses, Carrie provides the creative, editorial and design direction over your entire communications strategy. She will produce clear instructions for you and your team to implement, and provide quality assurance over the finished products. She can also serve as a liaison between you and your team to streamline production.




Interested in CLO creating original content for you?

If you are interested in hiring CLO’s creative services to create the content for you, please email CLO and provide the following information to receive quote options and confirm availability:


• Project description

• Timeline of project, with anticipated deadlines

• Background information on your business

• Information on the audience for your requested project(s) (size, demographics, etc.)


about Carrie + CLO communications

Carrie Osgood supports start-ups, small businesses and established organizations with their strategic storytelling, providing effective visual and verbal solutions to communication challenges across all media.


She has created content for major international organizations including the United Nations, the Associated Press and Interbrand, one of the world’s largest brand consultancy firms.


Her published infographics, writing, photography & illustrations have connected with audiences around the world, and her work has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize.

After establishing her communications design business, CLO Communications, she launched CarrieOnClarity to distinguish her educational offerings from her firm’s creative and consulting services.


For more, please visit, &




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