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CarrieOnCourse: Virtual Video Workshop

Over the past few years, infographics have gone mainstream. What was once a storytelling technique primarily reserved for the news and publishing industries, has now become an essential tool for content marketers to stand out in the overwhelmingly crowded virtual landscape.


This online class is for you if you want to...

• Make quality infographics that enhance your brand, increase engagement and strengthen your platform.

• Create distinctive content for social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter & Facebook, blogs, newsletters, promotional materials and slides for presentations.

• Save countless hours of time by avoiding frustratingly restrictive programs like Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Pages.

• Save money by learning how to create original visual content yourself.

• Learn from the internationally award-winning infographics specialist who wrote the official graphics guidelines for the AP Stylebook (the standard reference guide for the journalism and media industries).

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Carrie Osgood • owner & principal


Topics covered:

• What exactly is an infographic – Progress beyond shallow trends to understand how to impact and attract audiences.

• Fundamentals and best practices – Learn what to do, and more importantly, what not to do.

• How to create an infographic in Adobe Illustrator – Navigate and discover the flexible program used by professional information designers.


Upon purchasing this class, you will receive the following:

– Immediate access* to an online video presentation (viewable 24/7)

– A step-by-step tutorial (with opportunities for pausing, rewinding and repeat viewing)

– Adobe Illustrator infographic cheat sheet (a downloadable pdf that can be printed and read on devices)

– Opportunity to ask followup questions

Why Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe changed its pricing system so you no longer need to spend hundreds (or thousands) of dollars to own their most up-to-date software. They now sell their products on a subscription basis. That means you can purchase Illustrator for only $29.99 plus tax for one month of individual use – enough time to create a handful of basic infographics you can use to promote you and your business online. And trust us, the investment in the best software will be worth it. — Get software through


Every person who purchases a CarrieOnCourse qualifies to receive 50% off a personalized strategy session with Carrie up to six months after purchase – as much as a $200 value!

In the call, you can pick Carrie’s brain to discuss anything from infographic production challenges to branding, storytelling, content strategy, writing, design and technology.

Strategy session must be scheduled within six months after purchase date, or else it will expire. The follow-up email confirmation with CarrieOnCourse details may take up to 24 hours to appear in your mailbox. Contact to request an additional email with course details.

about Carrie + CLO communications

Carrie Osgood supports start-ups, small businesses and established organizations with their strategic messaging, providing effective visual and verbal solutions to communication challenges across all media.


She has created content for major international organizations including the United Nations, the Associated Press, Columbia University's Earth Institute, and Interbrand, one of the world’s largest brand consultancy firms.


Her published infographics, writing, photography & illustrations have connected with audiences around the world, and her work has been recognized with numerous industry awards, including a nomination for the Pulitzer Prize.


“What a fabulous presentation/workshop you have done. You have brought me from elementary to university level and I already have drafted one of my projects that I know will be effective and very engaging... Thank you so much for your way of transmitting your wisdom to me and to all of us. You have a beautiful way of doing it; you have a special gift... :)”


– Jocelyn Aarons • Entrepreneur



“Generous and dedicated, Carrie elicits the best from her clients. She has helped me tremendously in so many ways, from providing valuable guidance with my visual and written content to dramatically improving my own screen presence. She is concise and patient, detailed and reassuring, honest and inspiring. Most of all, she is fun to work with. Highly recommended!”


– Annie Lin • New York Life Coaching



“Carrie gave me the run down on what's working and not working in my business. What I love about her is her keen insight, proven techniques, and most of all she is PASSIONATE about what she does. Highly recommend her if you're someone who is looking to gain an edge in your business and stand out. Thanks Carrie!”


– Ariane Hunter
Purposeful Living for Career Conscious Professionals

“Before I worked with Carrie, I was confused about how to tell my story and present my copy in a way that was easy to read and understand. Carrie helped me organize everything so that my copy looked and felt good, and most importantly that my services would be clear to my potential customers. It saved me tons of time and stress trying to figure out how to best express, edit and design it on my own.”


– Ana Alexandre
Life Coach & Nutritionist at



“Carrie has taught me the importance of building my business from the inside out versus the outside in. Her ability to listen beyond words, recognize what I was feeling and clearly state the solution separates her from the rest!”


– Tamika Griffin
Franchise Owner, MathWizard of Missouri City



“Carrie is terrific. She has a great knack & understanding of ‘getting’ the client’s story and is articulate in expressing it. From our conversations, I felt understood, that she is very bright and able to see the detail and the big picture.”


– Jill Raff
Jill Raff Real Estate Team, Culinary Business Strategist

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